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Buy a Robie Changing Poncho in Grape


Whatever your sport or lifestyle, you’ll wonder how you ever did without a Robie Robe. With a clever, hooded and loose fitting design, the Robie Robe is perfect for staying warm and dry in any weather.
More than a beach towel, Robie Robes allow you to change into and out of your wetsuit or swim clothes easily without embarrassment. The cozy terry cloth and velour fabric lets you easily dry off and keep warm from head to toe.

In 2007 dedicated surfers Martyn and Tamsin Tarplee designed a combined robe and towel that allowed them to stay warm and dry as well as get changed on the beach without “flashing their derrière”.
Their original design has gone on to carve a new niche in the Surfing and Ocean Sports market. Made to the highest standard from quality 100% Turkish cotton their changing robe has seen many imitators but none have surpassed the original and best Robie Robe.

  • JUNIOR ROBES: Perfect for kids 4’6″ tall and under.
    Length of robe 84 cm and width 60 cm.
  • SMALL ROBES: Perfect for teenagers to adults 5’4″ tall and under.
    Length of robe 102 cm and width 75 cm.
  • MEDIUM ROBES: Perfect for adult men and women over 5’4″ tall and over.
    Length of robe 110 cm and width 80 cm.
  • EXTRA LONG ROBES: Perfect for adult men and women 6′ tall and over.
    Length 130 cm and width 80 cm.

Measure from the nape of neck to length required.

All our Robes are Unisex so pick your favorite colour!

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