It all started with water. So let's find those fishy feelings! Jobe's Bamboo series consists out of nature-inspired, innovative SUP boards with integrated channels. If you could pick one true all-round-board, the Ventura should be your choice. With a large surface area, this blue bamboo-beauty is truly versatile and stable for surfers up to 120 kg. Next to its royal blue look, with catchy green accent and a bamboo veneer layer, the Ventura is engineered with two bright green channels to maximize stability and speed while supporting efficient tracking. The sharp nose rocker cuts through water like a hot knife through butter and makes this nature-inspired SUP manoeuvrable and controllable. Side fins are replaced with a US fin box to decide your perfect personal fin position with a tool less fin suitable for long distances. Click in the tool less fin for the long journey and stow your luggage under its catchy green bungee cord. You get a SUP leash and a rail saver to keep your board clean, too.
  •  Non slip EVA foam deck allows comfortable long term paddling
  •  Bungee storage net
  •  9" toolless click fin
  •  9ft straight leash
  •  Automatic air vent plug
  •  Bamboo veneer
  •  Camera plug to capture all your #Jobemoments
  •  Channels for better speed control and stability
  •  Comfortable carrying handle
  •  Easy connectable leash plug
  •  Rail saver to prevent scratches
  •  US finbox for optimal fin position
  •  Nose rocker: 6 3/4", Tail rocker: 2 15/16"
  •  Recommended rider weight: Up to 110kg/ 243 lbs
  •  Board weight: 13,5kg | 29,8lbs
  •  Dimensions: 10'6" x 32" x 5" | 320 x 81,3 x 12,5cm
  •  Volume: 190 l

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