Kayakat Puma


The Kayakat Puma lets you paddle and SUP!

Everything you need to get on the water is included, core float, PUMA frame, paddle, leash, and pump. 

When in PUMA mode the cross struts remain zipped up so the core float is in narrow mode. The seat can be moved to the optimum paddling position and feet placed on the grippy foot-pads. The result is perfect for paddling/kayaking and SUPing! The PUMA can also be extended to 'wide mode' with the seat extension bars that come with the PUMA model, simply unzip the cross struts and extend the seat to paddle in wide mode. 

The KAYACAT PUMA comes complete in a 65cm x 40cm x 20cm backpack (which fits with most airline carry on regulations) with a handy chest strap, weighing just over 6kg and takes around 10 minutes to assemble. 

The PUMA tracks’ extremely well while paddling because of the cutting motion of its double floats through the water. It's also easy to manoeuvre and turns as quickly as you like.

Packing down takes just 5 minutes.  

All KAYACAT core floats are the same and function in both narrow/PUMA mode and wide/COUGAR mode. A PUMA to COUGAR upgrade kit is in development and should be released in early 2020. We advise purchasing the KAYACAT COUGAR if you think you would like to sail before 2020! 

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