Mindless Surf Skate Bamboo


Mindless Surf Skates are aimed at giving you that surfing feeling as it replicates pumping and carving on a wave. This is because of it special made trucks to make the board feel lively and coupled with a surf styled deck and soft grippy wheels, you will be carving up the streets and training your turns when it's flat. You can even improve you surfing in your driveway with this piece of art due to it's tight turning trucks. Perfect for anyone looking to get into Surfing or Surf Skating.

Length 30"

Width 9.5"

7ply Canadian Maple Smoked Bamboo Ply

Mindless Surf Skate Trucks with 82a Bushings fitted, and also 78a Bushings to change the feel.

Mindless Viper 65mm x 44mm centre set core Wheels


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