Street Sweeper™ // Adjustable Landpaddle // Non Slip Tip


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The Ultimate in Land Paddles


Why It Matters

The athletic, fun and low impact work-out of SUP is now super accessible. Fewer hassles and less affected by climate and weather. No excuses now.

So Much More Than Just A Pole

Patent pending tapered pole allows for comfortable flex and a controllable energy release that your shoulders, elbows and wrists will love.

The Tip That Won’t Slip

Patented, Proven and Replaceable.

Built To Perform

Designed by athletes who started landpaddling before the sport was born and who SUP "in the water" almost daily. They work.

Get The Perfect Fit For You

A Fist or a Shaka over your head. To adjust your paddle size - stand it next to you and measure it above your head. The Adjustable Street Sweeper will fit someone 4'-6" to 6'-8".

Power And Feel

The Street Sweeper optimizes both. The end result is comfortable, fun, athletic, reliable piece of equipment.

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