Surfworx Ribeye Grub


We love this little Grub 4’10". The Grub is a pint-sized shred stick designed to deliver maximum fun in a compact "beater" outline. The pug-nosed beach-break blaster designed to rip apart summer waves. The Grub can do it all; boost some air, decapitate the lip and tuck into the pocket, whatever Neptune serves the Grub has got your back!

This Grub is all about fun for anyone and everyone, it packs plenty of float and wave catching for all skill levels both kids and adults. Double resin coated, laminated wooden stringers run the length of the board helping it maintain its shape and perform like a good quality "hard" surfboard. The slick bottom has an integrated mesh membrane which adds durability and improved performance on the wave. The High-Density deck skin is very durable and will keep the Ribeye Grub performing for years.

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